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Inspired by the concept of Type 1 civilisation

Our Mission

W9RLD is committed to the future of our life on Earth and beyond. We provide information and resources for those interested in the sciences, technology, space and the environment of our future.

The golden ratio with Nautilus shell
Science societies saves lives, Connect with future-facing companies and organisations


Connect with future-focused companies and organisations who work in all different areas of the sciences.

Revolutionary ideas and outside-the-box technologies


Learn more about revolutionary ideas, inventions and outside-the-box technologies that are shaping our world.

Space Exploration and space technologies


Find out more about the space technologies and the advanced exploration around our Solar System and beyond.
Explore the environmental and sustainability sector organisations


Explore the environmental and sustainability sector organisations who take care of our planet inside and outside.
The Galaxy a system of millions or billions of stars.

Events & Activities

Explore a new world: find your event that suits you and meet interesting people and companies.